Learning Objectives

Comprehensive, targeted educational efforts in the field of head and neck anesthesia and difficult airway management should lead to significant improvement in the perioperative care of patients undergoing head and neck surgery. The SHANA Education Board strongly encourages the development of the focused, clearly defined learning objectives, and teaching curriculum in head and neck anesthesia in each training institution.

The Education Board recommends observing the following main teaching and learning objectives:

  1. Recognize the objectives and general principles of anesthesia for otolaryngology-head and neck surgery.
  2. Recall, describe and apply special anesthetic considerations for different head and neck surgical procedures.
  3. Define and perform the technique of moderate deliberate hypotension.
  4. State, discuss and demonstrate anesthetic management of the free flap reconstructive head and neck surgery.
  5. List, explain and apply principles of anesthetic management of the laser airway surgery.

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The defined objectives will have to be appropriately modified for the field of pediatric head and neck anesthesia, where the surgical procedures are largely confined to laryngologic and otologic surgery, craniofacial reconstructions, and dental rehabilitation.