The SponTaneous Respiration using IntraVEnous and High-flow nasal oxygen (STRIVE Hi) approach to endoscopic airway surgery (Preview)


Anton Booth, MBBS; Kim Vidhani, MBBS

University of Queensland, Department of Anaesthesia, Princess Alexandra Hospital




SponTaneous Respiration using IntraVEnous anaesthesia and High-flow nasal oxygen (STRIVE Hi) is an open airway technique, which has recently been described to facilitate microlaryngoscopy and endoscopic airway surgery in adults.1 The STRIVE Hi technique utilizes an upwardly titrated target-controlled infusion (TCI) of propofol, which maintains spontaneous respiration during the induction of general anesthesia, coupled with high-flow nasal oxygen (HFNO) at 70 L/min. This combination was associated with favourable oxygen saturation (SpO2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) clearance, while airway patency was maintained in a cohort of patients with significant airway obstruction, including those with co-existing respiratory compromise (emphysema, obesity and pregnancy).1


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